Choosing eyelash extensions

Published on : 15 June 20203 min reading time

You want dreamy, voluminous and curved lashes? Extensions may be the solution. Find out how to choose them for the best results.

Everyone can get eyelash extensions, there is no contraindication because “the glue never touches the eyelid”, explains Maria Kulvja, head of the Cils de Marie institutes. “The only condition is that the client must have a natural eyelash fringe on which the extensions can be glued.

Choosing the right method

There are two main types of application: the classic eyelash like those available at for instance to eyelash application and the Russian volume. In the first method, an extension about 0.15 mm thick is glued on each of your lashes. According to the expert, “It is ideal for the first time, the result is ultra-glamorous and natural”. Count a one-hour session for about 200 euros.

Are you looking for a more sophisticated and full look? The Russian volume pose is made for you. “We have more freedom, we create fans with 2 to 6 false lashes depending on the desired result, which we stick to one of your real lashes”, says Maria Kulvja. These extensions are more numerous, but also thinner (0.05 mm and 0.07 mm thick) than those used for the classic application. But this “handcrafted and personalized work” has a cost: about 300 euros for two hours of work.

Whatever the technique chosen, the expert advises to come and do a filling every month to replace the extensions that have fallen off “it lasts one hour and costs between 90 and 110 euros”.

Opting for the right shape

“We consider the morphology of the face and the shape of the eye to determine the type of extension we’re going to put in,” explains the professional. For her, it is the Russian volume method that “offers the most possibilities” because it can “draw attention to a particular place”.

If your eyes are almond-shaped, she advises against the “doe eye” shape, which consists of placing longer lashes at the outer end of the eye. “This will make your eyes look even longer and may cause them to close,” she explains. This shape is recommended for large, round eyes. Almond-shaped eyes will be highlighted with longer lashes in the middle of the eyelid. The same goes for small eyes: “you have to add volume in the centre and above all not add too much length to remain natural”.

How to take good care of your extensions

Once the application of your choice is completed, you must maintain your lashes so that they remain intact for as long as possible. “The use of mascara is not recommended, because removing make-up will damage the points of glue”, warns Maria Kulvja, “If the application is well done, you won’t need mascara”. It is necessary to avoid greasy products flush with the lashes such as liner or kohl, but also when removing make-up (two-phase care, oil…).

Another tip: brush your fringe of lashes every day with a brush and wash them if possible with a special shampoo.

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