Babysitting after school: how to find a babysitter?

When you have a busy schedule, you don’t necessarily have time to pick the apple of your eye when they leave school. Faced with this kind of situation, we are forced to find someone we can trust to pick up…

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How to find a baby-sitter during the holidays?

You are going on holiday with your children, and at the same time you want to spend relaxing moments together or participate in your favourite activities which are not necessarily accessible to toddlers, it is necessary to have them looked…

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What are the different types of babysitting?

After maternity leave, the mother is obliged to return to work. She must therefore find a solution to have her child supervised during her absence. There are several solutions for childcare, but only the type of care differs. Whether collective…

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Babysitting children at home in a foreign language

In the era of globalization, the people are still struggling to learn a foreign language. Currently, more than 2/3 of the population does not speak a foreign language fluently. The new trend that emerged a few years ago should remedy…

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