What are the different types of babysitting?

After maternity leave, the mother is obliged to return to work. She must therefore find a solution to have her child supervised during her absence. There are several solutions for childcare, but only the type of care differs. Whether collective or individual care, these solutions are very advantageous for parents. It is also possible to use the services of a nanny for home childcare so that parents can get some free time for themselves.

Collective babysitting for children

For collective baby-sitting, it is possible to use the childcare services of a collective crèche if the child in question is between 2 months and 4 years old at the most. Those who provide childcare are trained childcare assistants. On the other hand, registration must always be made in advance, as places are still very limited. If the places become full, it is possible to opt for the parental crèche. This is a grouping of parents for alternating childcare. They are also assisted by early childhood specialists to guide them in the tasks to be carried out. In addition to crèches, there is also a form of collective day care called halte-garderie. Here, the childminder looks after children up to the age of 3 for half a day or just a few hours (ideal for parents looking for some free time). The parents are responsible for the child's meals and other needs, but the nanny has the same qualifications as those in the crèche.

Individual babysitting for little ones

For an individual type of childcare, it is possible, for example, to call on the services of a childcare assistant. The latter is approved by the departmental childcare service and can take care of a maximum of 3 children at home. She can work independently or be attached to one of the collective childcare facilities. However, for those who prefer to be cared for in their own homes, it is possible to hire a baby-sitter. The baby-sitter will watch the children for a few hours or half a day in the home of his or her employer during their absence. It is advisable to set up an employment contract for this type of care in order to avoid incidents. It will also be necessary to inform the childminder about the child's habits (the food he can or cannot eat, his clothes, etc.).

Specialized babysitting applications

There are also many baby-sitting applications. This is a platform for connecting nannies and parents for home childcare. The operation is simple, you just have to enter on the application the type of care desired (baby-sitting, childcare assistant, etc..) as well as the period of care and the number of children. Depending on the application, the forms may vary, but it is simple to complete. The application will then display the search results (the available nannies according to the search criteria). It is then possible for parents to chat with the chosen nanny by sending a message via the platform.
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