Iron-On Name Labels

Durable and Stylish: The Benefits of Iron-On Name Labels

Iron-on name labels are a popular choice for labeling personal belongings, whether it be for school supplies, clothing, or other items. These labels offer a durable and stylish solution to ensure that your belongings are easily identifiable and can withstand…

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Baby Names

Celebrity Baby Names: Inspiration for Your Own Bundle of Joy

When it comes to naming your baby, there are endless possibilities. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, why not take a cue from some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity couples? From unique and unconventional names like North and Blue Ivy…

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Iranian woman

Women’s freedom and equality in tomorrow’s Iran

Iran has one of the lowest numbers of women in parliament and the workforce in the world. Many feminists came forth to fight for women‘s rights and feminist movement in Iran like Nayereh Tohidi and Maryam Radjavi. Several factors vary…

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Turquoise stone

How to use Turquoise stone in lithotherapy?

Turquoise stone was first discovered and exploited by the Egyptians for decoration and fashion. The stone was mainly in the arms of mummies in the form of jewellery bracelets. This stone was also being used in Persia widely as a…

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For the holidays, we’re adopting false eyelashes!

The holidays are coming soon: the perfect occasion to dare all the eccentricities when it comes to make-up. So if you dream of giving yourself a new looks and giving it intensity, think about false eyelashes! With a smoky eye…

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Choosing eyelash extensions

You want dreamy, voluminous and curved lashes? Extensions may be the solution. Find out how to choose them for the best results. Everyone can get eyelash extensions, there is no contraindication because “the glue never touches the eyelid”, explains Maria…

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Methods of holding eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions cannot be improvised, and neither can their maintenance. Here are our three tips to make them last as long as possible. Eyelash extensions update Why wear eyelash extensions like those available at https://misencil.com for instance? Simply to obtain…

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Tips for a perfect false eyelash application

Wearing false eyelashes can be a real headache. However, they can enhance your look for an evening. Do you want your pose to be perfect? Follow 3 tips to make it a success. Prepare yourself well We must proceed in…

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Reasons to switch to the second hand

While some people have found it difficult to turn to second-hand shopping, others have subscribed to it. Quite simply because the benefits are numerous, citing only its social added value. Are you thinking of doing the same and would like…

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What kind of water should you choose for your baby?

An infant has a large skin surface area, which is proportional to his or her weight. In general, newborns can lose significantly more water through perspiration and excretion when the temperature rises. Therefore, in the first few months of life,…

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