Tips for a perfect false eyelash application

Wearing false eyelashes can be a real headache. However, they can enhance your look for an evening. Do you want your pose to be perfect? Follow 3 tips to make it a success.

Prepare yourself well

We must proceed in order. Before applying false eyelashes, you must make up your eyelid, as doing it afterwards will not be practical. Nude or smoky-eye, it's up to you: the eye shadow will help the glue to adhere well. Next, it is advisable to prepare your lashes: you can curl them, but also apply mascara if you wish.

Having the right tools, and the right false eyelashes

Before thinking about the pose itself, the false eyelashes must be chosen. You can find all kinds of false eyelashes: very long ones curved ones, natural or synthetic hair... You are free to choose the ones you need according to the desired result. To add a little volume during the day, it is advisable to bet on false eyelashes with a very natural look. If you want to wear them for an evening, dare to take more voluminous lashes. Check for more about eyelashes. Then, gently peel off a first row of false eyelashes with tweezers, then applies the specific glue on them with a bevelled brush, taking care not to overfill. Once the glue is in place, it is advisable to wait a few seconds until it adheres well and starts to dry a little. They are now ready to be laid!

Adopting the right gestures

You've reached the crucial moment: it's time to place the false eyelash line on top of your natural lashes with tweezers. To make the application easier, close your eyelid and take the time to properly adjust the fringe. The white glue protrudes? Don't worry, as it dries, it becomes transparent. That's all there is to it!

The new eyelashes extensions

Medical grade adhesive made exclusively for eyelash extensions

A popular technique called "eyelashes in grapes" is offered by some salons as eyelash extensions. These groups of 4 to 6 lashes are heavy and can cause the natural lash to fall out prematurely. Clustered lashes are perfectly safe as long as they are used in combination with an adhesive that lasts one day. Genuine lash extensions are made up of individual lashes. Find out more!

Different from semi-permanent eyelash extensions

When the eyelash extensions fall out before the eyelash naturally falls out, the appropriate treatment is "semi-permanent" extensions. If the extension remains in place for the entire life of the natural lash, the "permanent" thermal is more appropriate. For the most natural effect, we can use up to 4 different sizes of eyelash extensions. Certified technicians will help you choose the right size and thickness for your lashes.

Soft, comfortable & waterproof

Mink eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash, in a quantity of approximately 70 to 100 lashes per eye.

Permanent European quality mink eyelashes

The eyelash extensions are curved and directly applied one by one on your natural lashes.
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