Choosing the sex of your unborn baby

For your first child, you've always wanted a daughter. Now that Monsieur is determined to make a baby, you'd very much like to have a little princess. It's also possible that after giving birth to three girls, you really want to have a boy. Are you looking for the method to choose the sex of your child? Discover in this article the main tips that are frequently used.

The natural method: pay attention to the days

Before discovering some existing techniques, it is interesting to know how the baby is created, but above all: "how the sex of the baby is determined". Know that the baby's sex is defined by the chromosomes brought by the parents and it is the father's chromosome that determines it. Without wanting to control chance, different techniques exist today to put all the chances on your side. For many people, there is no more reliable method of choosing a child's sex by counting the days. On the one hand, X-sperm are resistant, but slow. On the other hand, Y sperm, which determine the female sex, are faster but fragile. To have a girl, this tip recommends having lots of sex during the 10 days after menstruation and stopping before ovulation. This way, the sperm will be weaker and will have difficulty reaching the egg. However, this method only works if you have a regular 28-day cycle.

The Mybubelly Method

Created in 2017, Mybubelly is, however, a set of tips taken from grandmother's tricks and tricks of yesteryear. It was set up by Sandra Ifrah and Raphaƫl Gruman. The content of this procedure has already proven itself and the majority of women who have adopted it have given birth to a baby with the desired sex. You can find a special book on this method or contact their team directly. Their method boosts fertility by applying natural techniques. They also offer a follow-up to help you progress towards your goal through an application. This one sends you reminders about the frequency of intercourse necessary or the recommended meal. This method combines a lot of advice from experts and people who have their time. For Mybubelly, there is a girl's method and a boy's method, to be followed according to your preference. Personal coaches are at your disposal to advise you if necessary.

Following a diet

This is "Dr. Dad's" method, which states that the minerals in food have an influence on the sex of the baby. This technique lists the foods recommended for having a girl and those allowed for having a boy. It can be considered draconian for some, because you have to favour one category of food only during a certain period of time. In order to obtain a high quantity of magnesium and calcium, whole or semi-skimmed milk is highly recommended. Fresh fruit and cereals without salts are also recommended if you want to get a girl. To have a boy, prefer salty meals such as cold meats and cured meats. Eat meat and fish to have enough sodium and potassium in the body and favour the male sex. For Dr. Dad, eating habits can have an impact on your baby's sex. By carefully selecting the foods you eat, you will help the Y or X chromosomes of the sperm in the race to the egg. However, deficiencies can be caused by this unbalanced diet. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor before starting this technique.  
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