How do you induce labour in a natural way?

While the big scare of giving birth prematurely has passed since the beginning of the third trimester, this is another phase you have to face now that you are at the end of your pregnancy. Many mothers-to-be, fearing that their baby will stay in their belly for too long, and that the baby will choke, think of several effective ways to induce contractions. They then take advice from their mother, their relatives and their great friends, but without much success. At this stage, everyone starts to feel stressed, as it takes time for baby to show his or her face. To make it easier for you during labour and to speed up the process, find out how to induce labour naturally.

Cleaning up to induce natural childbirth

You've certainly heard many of your elders talk about it, cleaning helps to induce contractions and it's clear that they were not wrong about that. So if you're wondering how to induce labour naturally, housework will be your greatest ally. Still, at this stage of pregnancy, you and housework are not the best friends in the world. With a belly that is no more and no less round and bulky, heavy legs, back pain and an unbearable mood, it's almost hard to think about housework. The only thing is, since the goal is to induce childbirth, it's not a matter of mopping the floor all day long or doing the laundry. Instead, think about the chores that will open the way for the baby and make it easier for the cervix to dilate. These include cleaning windows so that you can reach up to the ceiling, or crawling on all fours to wash the floor so that the cervix disappears quickly.

Causing contractions during a car ride

Why don't you enjoy a nice romantic stroll while you wait for baby to make his big appearance? You're enjoying the scenery and speeding up his arrival. So if you're wondering how to induce a natural childbirth, a ride in the car will be a great help. More pleasant than housework, it's also a chance for you to get a breath of fresh air, change the atmosphere and cool off before the right moment. And what better way to do this than to be accompanied by the father-to-be and to hit the road, without leaving the maternity ward. As this is an effective way to increase the pressure on your cervix, opt for a tumultuous route where speed bumps, speed bumpers and potholes are at the heart of the journey.

Making love to trigger childbirth

How about, to induce contractions, you get under the duvet with your darling? After all, there's nothing stopping you from keeping those intimate moments you shared when you were only in your second trimester? A few moments of tenderness, a little frolic in your cocoon of love and finally, a good dose of oxytocin... This is the perfect combination to trigger the birth and to rush you to the maternity ward.
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