What are the errors to avoid with false eyelashes?

With lash extensions, it is possible to create a multitude of different looks from very natural lashes to extravagant eyes enhanced by long and voluminous lashes. We can do a classic lash application, or a Russian volume application for even fuller lashes. The eyelash extensions are flexible, comfortable and waterproof, but above all safe for your natural lashes. An analysis of your natural lashes is done before the application and the application of the extensions is done eyelash by eyelash in order to respect your natural lashes. The extensions used are synthetic and hypoallergenic, which means that eyelash extensions products for example do not contain any chemical additives or animal matter, and are laboratory tested and approved. Visit misencil.com if you want to learn more about eyelash extensions' products. The eyelash extensions are permanent, but in order to preserve your doe eyes, a touch-up is necessary every 3 to 4 weeks. It is the ideal solution to give volume and enlarge the look. But false eyelashes are sometimes difficult to apply. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid absolutely for a top result.

Put too much glue

The false eyelashes are usually fixed with glue provided for this purpose. It must be applied directly to the fringe: be careful not to put too much on it, as there is a risk that it will overflow during application and create a bundle. Once the glue is well spread out, it is advisable to wait about thirty seconds before applying the false eyelashes. This time allows it to dry a little, which will help it to adhere more easily!

Taking an unsuitable length and shape

False eyelashes can enlarge the look. But if they are badly chosen, they can have the opposite effect and make the eye heavier. If your eyes are small, avoid thicker fringes that will make them narrower. Instead, opt for long false eyelashes with a very light and natural look. If, on the contrary, your eye is very large, you can afford a thick fringe. Want to lengthen round eyes? Go for an almond shape, i.e. shorter at the inner corner of the eye and longer at the outer corner.

Do not remove them well

While they do not pose any danger to natural lashes, temporary false eyelashes must, like the rest of the make-up, be removed before going to sleep. To remove them, nothing could be simpler: gently pull the fringe from the outer corner of the eye. Most false eyelashes are reusable, so you can clean them with make-up remover or mild soap and put them back on another day!
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