How do you keep track of your pregnancy?

No more room for doubt, you're about to become a mother. Once the euphoria of the news is over, you start asking yourself a lot of questions. What are the steps to follow? Where are you now? When to do what?... These are all questions that can choke you if you're not organized. It is with this in mind that you must follow the evolution step by step. Don't worry, you'll still have about 9 months of preparation time left and you can organize this time perfectly. You will then find below the main lines at each stage, in order to live this experience more serenely.

The need for a pregnancy follow-up

Every child, every woman, and therefore every pregnancy is different. So whether you are expecting your first or fourth child, it is always good to follow up. Although there is the famous medical follow-up, you need to be accompanied on a daily basis. Your prenatal visits take place at specific periods of your cycle, except in exceptional cases. It is in response to this need that you need to use applications such as my pregnancy calendar. It offers advice, practical information and little reminders. It guides you and reassures you week after week about what to expect and what you should do. During this period, your body undergoes major changes, which can disrupt your daily life. Even in these cases, the follow-up can help you by offering you tips against nausea, water retention, stretch marks and to boost your libido ... This can go as far as proposing menus according to your desires. Of course, a good follow-up always offers you a checklist of important appointments, consultations, purchases for mother and baby...

What you need to know in the first trimester

Unless it has been programmed, a pregnant woman only becomes aware of this when her period is late. At that point, you should know that you are already in the middle of your first month of pregnancy. The small embryo you are carrying has at least 2 weeks of life left in it. Usually at this stage you are not yet feeling the effects on your body, and everything seems to be as usual. It is from the second month of pregnancy that the hormones are released so that the conditions are most favourable for the baby. The baby develops very quickly during this time and the changes are very significant. With a complete pregnancy calendar, you can even follow the evolution of your baby and the changes it undergoes each week. At the end of the first trimester, your hormones will calm down and all symptoms will subside until they finally disappear. It's also important to note that it's during this period that your libido is most likely to be affected.

Highlights of the second trimester

From that point on, your body begins to show the physical signs of pregnancy. Your belly and breasts begin to grow without causing too much discomfort. At this point, your placenta produces more estrogen, which can boost your well-being and libido. In this state, and with the baby starting to feel, as a mother-to-be, you feel good. You are free of nausea and feelings of tiredness and begin to have the strength to think about baby's trousseau. Make the most of your fifth month to finalise a few details, as from the sixth month your tummy will become more and more prominent. The baby is growing in leaps and bounds, and you can feel it. You'll start to need to put yourself in special postures to feel comfortable. In any case, it is advisable to stay active throughout this period without getting too tired. With your pregnancy follow-up, you will be able to find the most practical advice to make the most of this more or less calm period.

The third trimester: the final stretch

Once the seventh month of pregnancy is reached, you won't be pregnant for too long. It can be quite difficult to get around and do certain things, but if you have the strength, there's nothing to stop you. Except for the risk of premature delivery, it's even better to stay active enough. However, at this stage the discomfort becomes more and more apparent and you will have to reduce the pace. The most important thing is that you learn to listen to your body. If you are missing some points in your follow-up checklist, go through them one by one. Be aware that even in this very last stage, you will be able to follow the evolution of your pregnancy, because yes, there will always be some. Some follow-ups are even done to accompany you during the first year of your child's life. After the birth, in fact, it's a whole new pair of sleeves waiting for you.
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