How to choose your children’s socks and sandals?

A toddler's choice of socks or sandals depends on his age and the development of his activities. These baby accessories come in several types and models. To provide your child with convenience and comfort, choose sandals adapted to his personality. Follow these tips.

Choosing according to foot size

Slippers are indispensable accessories for babies from birth. They allow to keep the little feet of the toddler warm. At this stage of life, the choice varies according to the personal tastes of the parents, the sex of the child and the events to be attended. Some colours are reserved for boys and others for girls. Non-slip socks are useful when baby starts to stand up. They limit the risk of slipping. These socks are a safe solution during the first steps of the toddler. Before discovering the different types of baby sandals and socks, let's first focus on the correspondence between sizes and sizes. This detail is important for the child's convenience. So that your baby can move comfortably, choose the right size. This depends on the length of the toddler's foot. For this, consult a practical guide. However, for small baby sandals or socks, choose a size above the usual size.

Non-slip socks, practical solutions

Non-slip socks are suitable for babies learning to walk. Thanks to their supple appearance, they guarantee a good balance. If your baby's feet are fragile in the cold, non-slip socks are a must have in your toddler's wardrobe. In addition, non-slip socks prevent any risk of slipping whatever the floor covering (parquet, tiles, stone, etc.). Among the different models of anti-slip socks, there are the models with a spike, with anti-slip rubber and the combination of the first two. As the name suggests, the socks with spikes have spikes on the sole. There is a wide choice of colours and designs (animals, fantasy...). The second category, socks with non-slip rubber, have soft soles. These types of socks are suitable for all types of flooring. They limit the risk of slipping.

Other types of baby socks

Other types of baby socks include soft sandals. By nature, these are soft. They can be used instead of socks. Although they retain less heat, these accessories are nevertheless recommended during hot periods (in summer or spring, for example). Soft sandals are fitted with elastic at the closure. In addition, there are sock-sock combinations. Very original, these models are alternatives to socks. They are the best compromise between the two. Providing warmth thanks to the different materials they are made of, these socks are the best choice for winter. Moreover, they are very resistant.
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