How to choose your upholstery fabrics?

Curtains, blinds, under curtains, tablecloths and sofa covers, upholstery fabrics are a must to embellish the interior of your house or apartment. They cover furniture and bring a unique and original aesthetic to the given room. But then how do you choose your upholstery fabrics? Here are a few tips that will help you to better guide your choices.

The choice of colours

Choosing the colours of an upholstery fabric depends largely on the personal taste of the buyer and the existing style of interior design. There are currently more than one kind of colour shades for this kind of fabric on the internet. Particularly noteworthy is the liberty fabric with floral, foliage patterns ranging from an exotic style to ethnic geometric patterns. Wide or thin striped patterns are also current. Very practical to create an opening in a room and a wider view, horizontal striped sheers are a good option. Generally speaking, the colour of the upholstery fabric is the most important point when choosing a fabric, whether it is a bright or light pastel colour. In addition, publishers offer a wide range of colour shades, so it is a good idea to visit a showroom before making a decision. You can then better discover the fabric in its life-size and thus better visualize it once it has been laid inside your home. The ideal would be to mix several styles while respecting a common harmony. Experts recommend using between 1 to 3 colours for a given room. Stripes could also be combined, for example, with a liberty fabric with floral patterns.

The choice of materials

The choice of materials depends on the atmosphere you wish to find in a room. Elegance, opulence and simplicity, you can mix several styles at the same time. For example, you could mix velvet and silk or linen and silk. In general, it is interesting to mix a matte-coloured fabric with a shiny one. However, certain precautions should still be taken with regard to where you are going to place the upholstery fabric. For example, it is not advisable to put unlined silk curtains on your south-facing windows. Frequent exposure to the sun and moon could quickly deteriorate the properties of the fabric. It's also good to know that there are currently insulation materials available on sites selling upholstery fabric that can be used to line your curtains and doors to improve the sound and heat insulation of your home. When choosing materials, it is important to consider the use of the fabric. If you are looking for tablecloths, for example, silk or velvet models would be interesting, but require too much maintenance. It would be more advantageous to use cotton under tablecloths.

Some tips to know

It is advisable to use curtains, blinds or curtains to cover the windows. These ensure a certain privacy in the room to prevent intrusive glances without obscuring the light. You could also think about putting curtains on doors to, for example, hide the present from your front door. These curtains can be attached to the door leaves to avoid obstructing the opening. Made of insulating materials, they allow the apartment to be cut off from the common areas of the building. If you wish to make all the rooms in your house uniform, you could choose similar furnishing fabrics for all the rooms. It is also possible to personalize each room according to your desires and tastes by mixing different styles for each room: bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage...
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