What kind of roller bag to buy for a primary school student?

The purchase of school supplies with a school bag is always a headache for parents at the beginning of each school year. To better satisfy your child who is studying in primary school, it is wise to offer him a bag with wheels. This type of school bag with wheels is a guarantee of practicality and comfort. In addition, parents will not need to change it during the school year due to wear and tear.

Why choose a school bag with wheels?

A school bag with wheels is an excellent choice for storing school supplies for a child in elementary school. It is indeed the type of bag indicated by pediatricians for the maintenance of the well-being and good development of a young child. While classic backpacks and handbags have had their day, the school bag with wheels has the wind in its sails. The wheels are robust and sturdy. They roll very well on any surface and do not break at the slightest impact. Changing direction is also easy and does not pose any problems, even for a primary school pupil. This type of schoolbag for primary school has a few compartments for easy storage of school things. It can hold many school supplies, including books. The adjustable and removable handle for this type of bag makes it easy to move around.

Find out what your child's preferences are

Parents always aim for durability and practicality when it comes to buying a wheeled schoolbag for their child and primary school student. However, it is important to make sure that the model chosen will appeal to your child. This is important for the maintenance of his motivation and joy of life and for his development. Parents will have no difficulty in convincing their child to choose a wheeled bag because it is trendy and is also recommended by paediatricians. Which trolley schoolbag to choose then? - The child generally makes his choice according to the colours, decorative images and customisation of the bag. Girls, for example, like pink, light green and princess print roller bags, cuddly teddy bear... Boys prefer blue, red or green models with a superhero, car, sword, etc. print. To put it plainly, children will just have to indicate the trendy prints and colours they like and parents do the rest.

Criteria for selecting a wheeled bag

Beyond colour and aesthetics, parents have to consider a few criteria in order to find the best schoolbag on wheels. It is important to ensure the robustness of the bag. Strong models are made of strong canvas or fabric, high quality plastic, polypropylene, natural fibre... It is just as important to ensure that the chosen bag is ergonomic and maintains the comfort of your child. A school bag with wheels with large compartments allows easy storage of school equipment for a primary school pupil. However, it is important to ensure that the empty weight of the chosen bag does not exceed 1.5 kg to avoid health problems. In addition, a check on the quality of the wheels and the practicality of the removable handle should be carried out before choosing a schoolbag for primary school.
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