How do you dress your baby for the night?

Between the multitude of sleepwear currently on offer, the young parent can easily get lost. Wearing suitable girl's or boy's birthwear, including sleepwear, is an important part of soothing baby's sleep, which is crucial for his or her development.

Age-appropriate designs

Between 0 and 3 months, Baby's sleep cycle is divided into two phases: the restless sleep phase and the quiet sleep phase. During the first phase, the baby is animated by small movements, he moves his limbs. He becomes more serene as he enters the second phase and sleeps peacefully. The ideal is then to choose a sleeping bag as surpyjama. It covers the baby well and allows him to move freely. There are adjustable or evolutionary models so that the sleeping bag adapts perfectly to the size of your baby. From the age of 3 months, Baby's sleep generally becomes calmer. Baby relaxes for a peaceful sleep. The important thing is then to choose a soft garment to accompany this serenity. Baby's pyjamas will be your best ally. At this age, PONT baby pyjamas in the shape of a romper suit are perfectly suitable, characterised by an opening in the middle of the back and then at the buttocks (horizontally). When the age is older, you can choose more sophisticated baby girl clothing and baby boy clothing.

Is the fabric important?

The material of baby's pyjamas influences its comfort. Materials made of natural fibres such as cotton or linen are to be preferred. They have a good absorption capacity and avoid allergies. Velvet is also preferred for its softness. It is more suitable for the winter seasons. For sleeping bags, we must refer to the TOG value which is a heat index. A high TOG value is more suitable for keeping baby warm in winter. In summer, a low TOG value, in the order of 0.5, is preferred.

A few more tips

Parents will surely prefer practical pyjamas that are easy to change for baby. For example, the snap opening is highly recommended for newborns. For pyjama tops or bodysuits with snaps at the shoulder are easier to remove. However, although practicality comes first when it comes to baby clothes, style is not to be banished. A "cute" baby soothes those around him as well. Tender colours harmonise with the softness of the baby. So opt for a more stylish baby girl or baby boy outfit when your baby grows up.
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