Undergarments for newborns: how to choose well?

Baby's gonna be here soon! It's time to finalize your wardrobe. For a young mother, it's not often easy to get by without experience. Which material to choose? What size will fit a newborn baby? What types of clothing should you choose for a baby for more practicality? These are often the questions that future parents ask themselves. Know that you will have to take into account your child's comfort, by focusing on soft, absorbent models that are sufficiently sized for him. Don't neglect the practicality and colourfulness to maximize your toddler's appeal from his first days on earth.

Comfort above all!

Right from birth, little one should be well covered so that he's warm and cozy. His very sensitive and soft skin also deserves to be pampered. In this case, you should choose a girl's pyjama suit and underwear made of soft, natural and breathable material. Opt for cotton, which is soft, cozy and warm, especially for clothes that are in direct contact with the skin, such as underwear. Synthetics should be banned to avoid the risk of allergies and perspiration. Your baby will feel comfortable and warm wearing her comfortable cotton girl's pyjama suit.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size for newborn clothing is often complicated because there is no standard size. Each brand has its own sizing system. While some offer large sizes for their girls' pyjama suits, others prefer small sizes. The sizes are also not the same in every country. Clothes made in Germany and the Nordic countries are sometimes large sizes. This is not the case in France. It is highly recommended to choose larger sizes to avoid unpleasant surprises. Clothes in size 0 or 1 month are just a real waste. After 2 or 3 weeks, they no longer fit your baby.

And what about the practicality of underwear in all this?

To make your life easier, opt for clothes that are easy to put on and close. Clothes with snap or knotted closures are easier and more practical. So you can choose cross-over front bodysuits that close with a snap or a small knot. This is also the case for coveralls, pyjamas and underwear. To make it easier to put on a bodysuit, underwear or T-shirt, models with an American neckline are also ideal.
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